Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Paying it Forward Part 2...Michigan

I am fortunate and blessed to have within my means the ability to own and frequent a property in Northwestern Michigan literally a stones throw away from fabled waters. I remind myself of this each and every time I pull into the cabin drive. I do not take this for granted. With the property comes the ability to share this gift with others. This past weekend I had the opportunity to extend a Steelheading offer to young fishing prodigy Cole L. If you all remember, Cole and I had fished back in the fall on the home waters of Ontario. He still makes reference to that trip today. I can't help but see a spark in this kid that reminds me of myself at that same age. An unparalleled burning desire to chase these crazy fish that defies all logic and reasoning. The longing for an opportunity can almost be torture. It's hard to understand unless you are stricken with this affliction and have been there. The extended and miserable winter must have been hard on the young fella staring at his new switch rod rig and drooling over his Instagram account photos. An opportunity arose and I thought what a gift I could offer...We cleared it off with his parents and made the trek over to the West Side for two days of early spring adventure. The fishing wasn't epic but the crowds were. We made the best of it and had a lot of fun. I'd do it again in a minute. This kid can fish and has an appreciation and respect for the fishery like only a die hard Steelheader would. It wasn't looking good with the lack of fresh fish and the crowds but in the 11th hour Cole popped a nice Hen on the faithful Atomic Orange $$ bead. It's not like I don't have an ulterior motive though...I'm still banking on this kid dragging me to the river when I'm old, intolerable, and without the means. Ah yes...money in the bank.

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Trotsky said...

Where's Cole's Blog??

He might as well jump in with both feet to the fishing homo boat...

Nice job