Friday, December 08, 2006


Considering the extreme cold snap that had moved in and my fondness of a warm bed I decided to get a late run out the door this morning. I had eagerly awaited today pretty much all day yesterday. I envisioned a solo Trotsky having endless success on our trib while I worked diligently finishing up my unit outage. Today was to be my winter wonderland solo adventure. As I approached a small village 1/2 way along my route I came upon what I would describe as a splintery wooden stake to the heart of a die hard steelheader, the dreaded "Hiway closed by order of OPP" sign. What was I to do? Drive around the sign? You know I pondered this option over and over but I opted for an alternative route. Yes, that would be a great idea... So down the previous sideroad I embarked to the next parallel and back towards my destiny! As I progressed down the road the weather conditions got considerably worse. A rare moment occurred this morning where common sense prevailed over passion and a decision was made to pull the plug and plan for another day.
Lake effect snow squalls are an anomaly on the Great Lakes. A streamer that was to drop 3-4 ft of snow on London was to be my nemesis. Perhaps another day ;0)


Trotsky said...

"unit outage" eh?
Getting enough sleep?
...remeber there is always viagra.
I told you it was nasty up that way.
Could be it for a while.

lambton said...


Nasty is an understatement ;0D
Gonna be a chore hiking back to the wintering hole. Tomorrow sure will be pretty back there.
I'll pass on the viagara but I sure wouldn't mind one of those Oxycontins ;0D