Sunday, December 17, 2006


Redemption...(noun) deliverance; rescue.

Hmmmm... How fitting a title for todays blog entry. On the heels of a humbling outing I find rescue and deliverance on my home waters. Today was a day to behold. Spring temps in December, clear high water conditons on thetail end of a major thaw, a good friend in company, and energized steelhead. December at its finest.


Anonymous said...

A prestigous Hen !

Anonymous said...

Redemption is sweet, isn't it?

Beautiful fish! Nice photo too!

Anonymous said...

Great day indeed.
I am getting bummed that it is drawing to a close.

lambton said...

Photo credit goes out to G.
He's not totally useless ;o)

Merdus said...

What? no story? Are we supposed to just take your word for it? Sheesh! :) Lovely winter fishy, by the way. I like the way the eye is just at water level. Very nice!


lambton said...

Sorry Paul :0( Overwhelmed with work, festive season, and home life. I'm sure you can relate ;0)
I'll get my pen ready for next entry.