Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's done and ready...

After a countless emails and a few late nights my first build is complete. I must say I am more than happy with the end result. For starting out with a low key simple build in mind I managed to bling it up a little for the final product. Not too flashy but I think it has a nice clean classy look to it. Learned a tonne on this build that will be put to good use in the future. Had a lot of input from good friends and I thank them for that! I Look forward to putting her through the paces in the coming weeks. Now I just hope she doesn't blow up on the first hot chromer.


Rainshadow 1562F
Fuji concept SIC's with smoke grey finish
Smoke Grey Batson A8 Aluminum Skeleton reel seat
9" fore grip with burnt and burl cork accents
8" aft grip with burnt and burl cork accents and butt
Metallic Copper thread wraps
Solid copper winding check
Solid copper Butt Accent
Guide sizing 20-16-12-10-8-7-7-7-7-7


Harv said...

Sweet looking stick Bryan. Great job!
Very nice paired up with that slate grey IS!!!
Just one more thing left to do with it - FISH ON!


lambton said...

Thanks HArv,

Hopefully this week will bring an opportunity. ;0)

Trotsky said...

Nice lookin stick there homo. I think you'll dig that Rainshadow blank... I love mine.
I work wed/thur/fri and then I am off for 5.
Wanna run Tues/ wed next week?

lambton said...

Thanks Gene,
It sure looks good. CAn't wait to see how it runs. I have noticed you have taken strongly to yours and if it can handle the abuse you put on it then it must be on the edge of bullet proof.

Tues/Wed the week of April 7th sounds like a plan. There should be quite a few options by then.

SD said...

Nice touches Bryan. Only thing that would better then the Slate IS, would be a Pweter PS ;-)

lambton said...

Thanks Steve,
Good to hear from ya. I agree the Pweter PS were very handsome reels indeed! However, I must admit that Islander have a winner with the smoke grey IS IMHO.
How many of the Pweter do you got...5? ;0) LOL!!!

SD said...

Only 3 PS' thus far... The Gold eludes me :=P

Ya the Smoke colored IS' are a sweet color

Trotsky said...

Both you guys are pewter homo's.