Thursday, March 27, 2008

When is enough, enough?

The 3 a.m. alarm tone came far too early this morning. After showering and loading up the gear I headed for the boarder to cross over into Michigan. This morning the border crossing agents seemed to question my intentions as if to tell me enough is enough. least I took it that way. While driving across the state I began to second guess my decision to fish today. I was only 1/2 in the game and would normally be pumped about what lied ahead. I began to speculate...Am I pushing myself too hard? Am I chasing after my passion too much? Have I become Obsessive Compulsive? A freak? LOL... I know some would be quick to answer yes to all those questions. But seriously...Today my head was not 100% in the game and it made me second guess why I was there. Perhaps it was feelings of guilt for skipping out on a meeting? Hopefully Norlands funk isn't contagious.

Arriving for first light I decided to make the best of the outing and give it a fair shake. The river was in mint condition with a slightly elevated flow from the previous days melt water. I really didn't expect a push of new fish and figured it was going to be spotty at best. In my favour was the fact that the river was mine. Not a sole in sight. If for nothing more than the solitude perhaps I would put my ill feelings to bed. Today I stretched my legs and managed to find some new water and once again came to the realization that Western MI truly is a beautiful place.


Anonymous said...

Wished I could have been there, but I am presently relegated to weekend buffoon. Beautiful looking fish additionally.



lambton said...

Thanks Joe.
It has yet to really be on over that way. Better days are ahead.

As I type this my driveway has 4" of fresh snow and the St Clair River is full of ice. Spring is coming...Really it is :o/

Trotsky said...

Midnights blow and now Ella is sick.
I may leap from the bridge.

Harv said...

It is NEVER enough as long as you enjoy it!

Great pictures.

I sure wish I had pulled the pin and joined you - especially having had the day from hell instead!!!

Next week??


lambton said...

Poor Ella. She is way too cute to be sick however, I bet she takes it better than her father! ;0)
Later next week??????

Must of just been having one of those days. I'm over it now and ready to roll. Not sure if our schedules will align for next week but fingers crossed that they do.
Need to mix it up though...

dave.wallace said...

We've all been there my friend, usually the thoughts come when we are alone on a deserted highway in the middle of the night..."WTF am I doing here???"

Thankfully the rising sun and the float slipping below the surface chases those demons away!

lambton said...

Thanks Dave,
It's somewhat of a dismal predicament to be in. Thankfully these moments are few and far between and a nice hot chromer can remedy ones spirits.