Monday, November 24, 2008


I don't be the judge!


Joe said...

Dude, great profile, but that is where (thankfully for you) the similarities en =)

If it were that high and I were crossing, I would have dropped the rod, and put two hands on the makeshift wading staff, just like Yoda.

lambton said...


OMG I thought I lost Norland the other day. His face went white as his feet began to slide in a nasty section. Funnier than hell after the fact but at the time very scary.
It has been a challenge at times crossing her this season.
I never would have imagined this much water this consistantly.

Trotsky said...

You have now sunk to new levels of gayness....and I am sad for you.
I know that Bigfoot exists and there are numerous wild beasts afoot in the Shire but ll of them smell way better than you inhuman piece of dogshit.
Highwater sucks

Trotsky said...

BTW...that is not a wading staff is Morins surrogate penis.

lambton said...

Surrogate Penis...that explains why you keep trying to touch it. Weird!

I was awaiting your comments you POS! LOL!

How's was the mud fishing? ;0) Ouch!

Joe said...

It's actually a good thing entirely to perpetuate haunting lore around the Shire, as it will keep the S-Rats away.

I'll Photoshop some manner of Poltergeist into a scenery shot next time, but I will also make sure that it has large breasts.

What I have found RE: treacherous wading is that it is crucial NOT to stop. I crossed a potentially fatal section of the Maitland on Thanksgiving, but I just kept going. Increasingly, I will use my "bad back" as an excuse not to cross =D

lambton said...

Yes, that entire area is indeed haunted!
As for wading...I am somewhat useless. After two seperate near catostrophic events earlier in the season I have decided that there is really no urgency to get to the other side and a staff is now a must. Especially in these higher flows. Funny thing...later in the day after my first incident I was talking to a fellow on the bank and he proceed to tell me about a nasty wading accident that almost happened. Little did he know that useless tool was me.
Have you noticed the abnormal amount of green algae on the rocks this season. I suspect the wet summer and high runoffs rates from the fields are to blame. Sure makes those rocks extra slippery.

dave.wallace said...

Thanks to that fucking GB board - every shitrat with dial-up is now turned onto the Shire...

As for cautious wading, you are all chickenshits. A brisk November swim is invigorating!

lambton said...

As I recall the first time we fished we were sliding 3 deep down the Bighead sideways :0( I was certain that was going to be my day! Man that was scary and cold!

As for the GB board. One of you fellows with a better personal demeaner than I should email Bruce and tell him to clean up his back yard. WTF is with all the river name dropping and locations. That board tries my nerves on the best of days.

Greg Lum said...

We have several Yeti prowling around the lower Rocky. They constantly harass anglers for fish and eggs. If they don't get what they want, they'll throw rocks in the water. I've called the metro park cops when one of those creatures bother me, but when they show up their gone and I never have a picture of them because they run so fast.

They stink and grunt in some type of Slavic dialect.

lambton said...

OMG that's funny Greg. Sad and funny at he same time.

Joe said...

I haven't logged into GBO in a few weeks, and after the comments I left in one thread, I am not sure if I am still able to.

After having seen numbers of fish caught and specific locations regularly discussed, I had simply had enough. To make matters worse, there is an unfortunate slough of incomprehensible, 'blog' like postings made there; many are highlighted by substandard photos and badly worded text.

In the end, that place offers no value to me, heck there isn't even a decent set of classified ads.

Trotsky said...

I haven't been on any of the forums in ages and I don't really miss them.I don't really dig the pissing contest...probably because I am no good at it. I have neither the flow nor the aim anymore and the amount of blood is disturbing.
At times I have been tempted to pull the plug on BLOG'ing...haunted by the damage I may be doing, but in the end I stay with it. It's fun and fuck them..
The shitrats seem to come and go in waves and lets face it...they are part of the sport just like this god forsaken high water and slush. Most of those motherscratchers are lazy and won't do the hike this time of year anyway and the Shire can be a miserable bitch to the unfamiliar so we are all going to be somewhat safe. Unfortunately it is a somewhat free country.
Curse them and wait for the next blessed day....
..Christ knows I am overdue.
How is it possible that I have fished so little with all this time off?
BTW...can one of you POS homo's buy me a new furnace?
I am running out of duct tape.

lambton said...

It certainly has entered into a downward spiral this year.

lambton said...


As hard as it is to fathom there is some wisdom in your prose.
I think mostly due in fact that we are "Passionate-Irrationalists" we take it on a personal level when our "happy place" gets overrun with vermin or broadcast over the WWW. Let's face it...if our homes were plagued with mice we would set some traps! Yes/No?

Furnace...what's that. I heat with wood! All the rage in the rube circles I run! I can still fix it for ya! You're call you POS!

BTW...last time I checked my pay stub it wasn't free living in Canada!

Trotsky said... assured your tax money is being well spent in certain
In a way are buying me a new furnace!!!
Thx ...Thx to all you homo's...with the exception of Greg....although being a transplanted Canuck I can't help but wonder if the socialists still manage to sink their tax teeth into him somehow????
"..Any pets,plants ,meats or animal products?"

Greg Lum said...

The Canadian government has officially declared me as "Yankee Scum" and I'm no longer welcomed back only if I go to re-education camp somewhere in Nunavut and renounce my American ways.

Ma and Pa are still trying to convince me to move to BC, but I can't stomach the thought of drving 700 miles from Vernon to Smithers and catching 3 steelhead for the season.

lambton said...

The Canadian government lost all their credibility when they put Norland on the payroll. TaaaBraaaNack!

Joe said...

I actually really enjoy both this blog and Gene's as well, equally. In fact, that appreciation has only come as a result of taking mine offline; it gave me the time and interest to read others.

There is humor, wisdom, silliness and underlying elements of faith in a lot of these writings. My trip out with Brian will hopefully give me some content to start things going again. It is ready, just waiting for a story.

Trotsky said...

Keep an eye on that Butt Pirate or the title of your first BLOG entry will be 'Sodomy in the Shire'....
I caould even do you up some sweet Banjo background music...
I wish I could join you guys but it'll be hockey dad for me..

Anonymous said...

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