Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Fat Lady has Sung

Well...what can I say? Fate and Mother Nature have played their cards and I came up short. The fat lady has sung and the 2008 extended season here in Ontario is officially over for me. I was holding on tight to a flicker of hope that the tribs would come into shape for one last outing before Dec 31. As it turns out the major thaw that unlocked the once frozen tribs was epic. So epic that old timers are commenting on these rivers peeking higher then they had ever seen in their many years. Ironic isn't it? Ironic in that a season filled with so much precipitation and elevated river levels would end on this note. It's an irony that I can live without. It seems like the fall/winter season just started yesterday and here I am typing of it's demise. If there is one lesson to be learned from this year it is to cherish those special days on the water. Do not take them for granted and savour every drift.

2008 was a different year for our rivers but nothing short of spectacular by any means. The fish were there if you put in the leg work and the river has never been in better shape. The fishing was exactly how it should be..."fishing". It's not supposed to be easy. It's supposed to be a challenge and this year was just that. It made us reevaluate our approach and pushed us to explore outside of our comfort zone. We are better for it. I will miss that little river...

A special thanks to Norland for sharing some amazing days on the water with me and being part of the memories. Gene you are a class act and thanks for putting up with me! Friggin HOMO!

At this time I'd like to leave you all with a pictorial sampling of the 08 fall/winter season. Enjoy and stay tuned for some very soon to be 2009 adventures ;0)


Trotsky said...

Great little slide show...kinda tugs at the heart strings a bit.
I enjoyed the season...even with all its curve balls.
It sets a new 'bitch' standard..."geez...reminds me of 2008"...
Much like the " Well it sure isn't 2006"
Good run dude.
You are one helluva a fisherman and an even better friend.
Two things after watching that slideshow;
1. I will be scrounging for pennies to pay for that MI float trip.
2. I am definately growing my beard back....that was dead sexy.
Gene Gene The Steelhead Machine

lambton said...

It sure was a good run! You know I have this feeling that we will most definiatley be talking about the 2008 season for a long time running. As much as we bitched about the big big water it really was nice to see that river come into her own. She truly is a spectacular flow.

And OMG...not the friggin beard.

GT said...

Very nice Brian. After seeing your slide presentation, I went through my library of 2008 photos. ( yours are better)

( Gene, grow just "handle bars" )

lambton said...


Thanks Gil. I'd love to see your photo's. Perhaps you can put up a similar slideshow on GBO.
As for Norland's facial hair...don't encourge him. LOL!!!

dave.wallace said...

Amazing photos guys...far better than my fall season this year!

Happy '09

Merdus said...

Great shots, Brian. Loved the show. You're amassing a pretty awesome collection of shots!

Happy new year, H.


lambton said...

Thanks Paul. We had a special year. Looking back it was quite spectacular. I'm truly gonna miss that place.
I've missed your blog entries as of late. Wazzzzzzzzzzzz-Up? Don't tell me you have hung up the 13'r