Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Years Freaks

May 2009 bring us all long drifts, tight lines, and minimal line twist.
Can't wait for the first hook up of 09. Stay tunned freaks...


18 Mile said...

Yes Happy New Year to one and all.
Health, Happiness, and Steelhead!

Harv said...

All the best to you and yours in 2009 Brian!!!

It was a great year indeed! I have really enjoyed reading your blog entries dude ( especially the one's I have been fortunate to be part of :) ) Looking forward to sharing some more drifts and laughs with you in 2009.

Perhaps that first fish of 2009 should come sooner rather than later - if nothing else I might try and hit the 'Geen when the flood waters recede. ???

Keep it real buddy,


lambton said...

Thanks fellas.

We most certainly have many drifts ahead of us for 2009. Especially the upcoming spring of 09. I plan on MI being my mainstay from now til May! :0) We had a great couple of outings in Jan and March with an epic day back in April 08. With more planning I think we can have a bunch of those days in 09.
Looking forward to our future dates on the Big Man!

Trotsky said...

You are a POS.

lambton said...

Oh you know it Norland ;0)

Greg Lum said...

Happy New Year's to my fellow Canooks as my Yankee friends say.

lambton said...

Right On Greg. We have to make a point of getting over your way this month and hookin up with you for a guided tour.