Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Package

I had a rough day at work today. Not certain exactly what it was but I was off my game and kinda running on the edge. It may have been the fact that I couldn't fish and missed out on an opportunity to with Norland or just the fact that I didn't want to be there but nonetheless I was looking for the day to end and fast. When I arrived home I reached in the mailbox to see what bills had arrived and was pleasantly surprised to see I had a notice of a parcel delivery. I rushed over to the local postal outlet and there it was. Direct from the United Kingdom. The New Adcock Stanton Centre Pin reel had arrived. The first one in North America. I rushed home and opened the package. Being somewhat of a perfectionist and having had involvement in this project my expectations were very high. I can honestly say they have been met. The new reel is very handsome. I chose to go with the Bronze anodizing in a 5" model. The tolerances are exact. The reel starts up with a single breathe of air and when spun she spins forever. The clicker operates effortlessly and when engaged is strong. The aluminum one piece reel seat is perfect and the quick release feature is brilliant. The brass handle screws, label, and clicker knob add a touch of class to an already eloquent frame. My pictures do this reel no justice it truly is a work of art. Out of the box my general overall impression is we have a winner on our hands. Mr Ray Hyland has outdone himself. Congrats Ray! Job well done.
One of the initial team members that Ray assembled was Colin Clark. Mr Clark is a championship wood carver and old world artisan. Colin took the liberty of hand crafting me a wooden display case specifically for my reel made from English Oak and Spalted Beech. Colin's work is outstanding!
Along with the reel Ray sent me some of the neoprene pouches and a leather and canvas case. Very nice touches and of the highest quality.
I can't wait to get the reel out on the river and put her through the paces. Stay tuned for the first field report.


Trotsky said...

'I I' think that guys who say "handsome" take it in the pipe.
Nice reel.... I wish I was rich like you money bags.

lambton said...

This reel was a generous gift from Mr. Ray Hyland as were the other items in the package. A thank-you for my efforts if you will.

Rich is a relative word. Some say I could be "rich" because of the people I sourround myself with (however that is highly debateable) or I am "rich" in character. Financially "rich" is also a relative moniker as I still find myself working for a living.
My definition of rich would be having the ability to spend ones time freely and willingly on fabled waters. If I could do that without guilt or consequence then "I'd be rich Bitch!"

Trotsky said...

I wonder how much dough we would need to Buy the River.
100 mil?

Trotsky said...

BTW...on a more serious note...I have a bad feeling that we are going to find just how rich we both are over the next ten years or so....knock on wood.

lambton said...

Who knows what the future holds. I'll tell ya one thing that is certain there are a lot of scared people right now. Very scared...we are fortunate that we have time on our side.

As for buying the river... ;0)

Harv said...

Very nice looking reel Brian! Kudos to you for your part in the re-release of the reel and if nothing else a free reel of that calibre is a pretty sweet deal. I just wish they were not quite so expensive...... :(

Hope you catch some chrome with it in the coming weeks. I will touch base with you when I return and maybe we can hook up for a fish before the end of the year.



lambton said...

Thanks Harv,
Yes let me know when you are back in the game. We will have to hook up for certain. Also we still have to hit those Manistee's in OH this Jan maybe even hook up with DJ when we are over that way.

Scott said...

Fine Looking reel Brian.Glad to see you were rewarded for your efforts.Now you can daydream at work about tangling with a few chromers....when you get the chance to put it use!

lambton said...

Thanks Scott! Hey...maybe we will meet up again before the season closes like last year! If not perhaps in OH chasing Manistee's come January.