Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mmmmmmmmmm Jerky...

Beef Jerky...Nothing says POS Redneck Rube like Jerky. Oh God I love my Jerky. So much so that I got inspired a year or so back and started making my own. Sounds involved but seriously a simple simple process. The only important component is the dehydrator. I know Jerky can be made in the oven but a minor $20 investment in a used food dehydrator will pay dividends in execution and clean up.
The only problem with making your own Jerky is you end up eating it all or if you are silly enough to bring in a batch to work everyone becomes your best friend. LOL!!!

Next to Bacon there is no better food group. God Bless Cows and God Bless Beef Jerky!


Trotsky said...

That Jerky was tasty going in but it gave me the burnin bum...
Definately worth it.
...and yes you are a redneck.
When are going to put that car up on blocks on your front yard.

Merdus said...

Nice recipe. Thanks. Very delicious looking. Great. NOT!

Thanks for telling us how you prepare it you big JERK!


lambton said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm the burn on the way out is as equally pleasing.

As for front yard one time I had 2 cars in the driveway, a Tent Trailer, Boat and utility trailer all in the front yard. Oh how the neighbours must have loved me. These days have me relegated to a single enclosed utility trailer, stacked firewood and my Jerky. Git-R-Dun

lambton said...


Secret recipe... It's all in the American Harvester Dehydrator.
Long live K-Tel and Ronco baby...