Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Return

I had long awaited my return to the Shire. My absence was due in part mostly to environmental factors with some life thrown in to the mix. I had managed to avoid the pregame show in October and what was to be a grand November came and went without as much as a hope. I managed to keep my composure and assured myself that my return would not be under sub prime conditions. I needed a grand day on the healing waters and I would not compromise this for anything. Life was keeping me preoccupied and mother nature was keeping me at bay. So much so that we finally decided to book an early trip on the Muskegan with Jeff Stuhan. Any day on the water with Jeff is a blast so that was what we were planning when the graph finally did a little jump. Not the anticipated blow out that I promised myself would happen but a mere jump followed by what appeared to be a somewhat sustainable flow. The jump was big enough to temp a push of fish and big enough to offer some decent options with nice colour. A last minute decision was before us and we opted to tempt fate and follow our hearts back to the shire. It was a no loose option for me as I longed to get back and walk the cedar lined trails and stare into her emerald green waters. My reasons for being on the river have changed in recent times and my successes are measured with different metrics. Today I spent quality time with a great friend. I shared many a laugh. I forgot about life. I got lost in the stunning reflection of the far bank and relaxing pace of my favourite drift. I experienced grand successes and shared the pain of a great loss. I had forgotten how important that place is to me and what she really provides. It was nice to be home again.


Trotsky said...

Now off to bed.

dave.wallace said...

Very nice guys. I heard that the gay safari visited the Shire today - there goes the neighbourhood!!!

Brian - you always manage to sift out those monsters. Great to see repeat spawners in the system...I guess that the shitrats haven't roped all of them (yet).

lambton said...

Thanks Dave,
Yes the Gay Safari was indeed lurking in the shire. Good to finally meet up with the boys. LOL!

Norland suffered a heart breaker just prior to my hookup with that monster Hen. I swear his fish was larger. Poor guy really took it on the chin with that fish. It was moments away from being a done deal... My heart went out to him until I remembered what a POS he is. ;0)

What the heck is going on? ARe we actually getting a decent Precip event? That little river really needs a good blow out. Fingers are crossed!

Trotsky said...

That is two trips in a row now that I have lost fish that would've been probably referred to Advanced Taxidermy for replica
...but who's counting....
The tears just shorted out my keyboard..
That is why God made alcohol.
The river finally has some water ..just in time for me to go back to work..and for us all to denied access to the river...
Life is grand.

Harv said...

Glad to see you finally get out!

It figures the fish were cooperative yesterday - I chose to sleep in!!! I got reports that she fished very well above and below you guys as well.

Here's hoping we can end the season with a flurry....(no pun intented)