Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Service

I went to Church today. Well sort of...You see I went fishing and at this point in my life where I fish is as close to God as I can get. It is a special place that I hold dear to my heart. It’s place where I can disappear and forget about the world, a place where I can become one with the elements. It’s a place where I can get lost in a calm breeze or a fierce winter blizzard. It’s a place where I can find inner peace with myself and most importantly a place where I can catch wild steelhead.
It has become so special to me that I feel an obligation to protect it. So much so, that I have developed a profound sense of ownership and responsibility. Maybe this is for selfish reasons but I like to think that the results can only benefit the resource and the others that share in my sentiments. One cannot put a price on such a place and the healing powers it provides. The resource is for all to enjoy and will be there if we all exercise ethical precautions. I spent an hour Sunday afternoon sharing a coffee with the Landowner that has so kindly granted me access across his property for years. We discussed how things have changed in recent times. He spoke to the lack of respect and courtesy exhibited by the area visitors. He spoke to the destruction of the trail network from unwelcomed ATVs and the increase in river bank litter. He spoke to uncomfortable confrontations he has had on his land and where this all was all eventually going to lead. During our conversation he said something that sparked a flicker of hope. He said "I don't feel like I own the land as much as I feel an obligation to look over it and protect it" If we all do our part we can all work together to keep special places like this.


Trotsky said...

Did you shit on his porch?

Joe said...

There is a small possibility that the fish displayed in the first photo is a Coho / Chinook hybrid, based on the atypical colouration and size. Incidence of these have been reported in Oswego County NY and also out West. I caught a male that had similar, brassy colouration back in November.

In any case, glad to see that these fish are also reproducing in the river, and we saw few other Anglers out on Sunday, so all is well I suspect.

Well done,


lambton said...

Not sure Joe but this fish moved me. I mean it was stunningly beautiful. Made my entire day.
It is nice to know that a small population still seems to exist.

Merdus said...

Lovely Coho, Brian, and a great entry. Meeting the land-owner (if he's the same person I talked to last week)was an unexpected treat; part of the charm of the river, I suppose. Stanley's ice-off paste will help remedy the guides situation a bit, but under those conditions, re-application is a necessity.