Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Imagine a world without fishing.
Imagine never having the opportunity to disappear and experience nature intimately.
Imagine not having the ability to forget about the distractions and stressors of daily life.
Imagine never feeling the anticipation of a pending outing.
Imagine the inability to get lost in ones random thoughts.

Imagine not feeling the exuberance of arriving to a lonely favored run.
Imagine never experiencing the excitement of that initial drift.
Imagine not being able to experience the violent confirmation after the hook set.
Imagine never laying witness to the raw beauty of a fresh-in fish.
Imagine never experiencing the grandeur of ones favorite flow in her prime.
Imagine never witnessing fall’s true splendor reflected on a river of glass.
Imagine never feeling the agony of defeat.
Imagine never feeling the frustration of the third snag.
Imagine not experiencing the instant warming sensation the disappearance of your float brings.

Imagine never feeling the complete exhaustion of the epic battle.
Imagine never feeling the accolades of the release.
Imagine never experiencing the vindication success brings on a new flow.
Imagine not having the ability to communicate through a facial expression or body gesture.
Imagine never feeling comfort dropping into an icy flow in the midst of a snow storm.
Imagine never having the feeling of being so alive.


Trotsky said...

Imagine a penis in your bum...
WTF is wrong with you...

lambton said...

What took you so long. you POS

Joe said...

^, LOL. Imagine if that fat guy on the ATV released a few fish!

lambton said...

Imagine if Norland really spoke what was on his mind! :0.

lambton said...

Good point Joe. I wonder what happened to old Ron. We didn't see him this past season and there were no visible signs of death or ATV tracks in the usual places.

dave.wallace said...

My wife tries to imagine a world without fishing for me all of the time!

Steelhead said...

I was in Ontario last week and I was imagining I was still in BC...

lambton said...

Too bad you didn't take in a drift or two on the local TO ditches. You might have caught a shopping cart or even a missing HOBO.