Monday, February 01, 2010

Taking your Steelie for a walk...Norland style

O.K. so by now you should all know that Norland likes to savour every moment of the catch. He like to caress and hug his fish and often takes them for long romantic walks down river. He has also been know to buy them balloons and ice cream. Well this past Muskegon trip he proved no boat will stop him. Seriously...there just is no helping that crazy Biatch. But I guess when you run #20's and 2 lb flouro thats the way ya gotta roll.

Enjoy and please excuse the trucker mouth but it was getting a little sketch out there. ;0) LOL!!!!

Norland and his long walks from Brian M on Vimeo.


~PakKaramu~ said...

Visiting your blog

Bill said...

Everything around this end of the lake is bank to bank ice, or so full of frazill ice you can't get the bait through it.
The smile says it all!!

Trotsky said...

Why are you so mean to me...
Nice try running interference with that Steelie you useless turd.
Was that the one that got wrapped around the log...'cause that was funny!
I thought Jeff was going to throw me overboard at that point!
I wish we were back there now.