Saturday, March 19, 2011

Calm before the Storm

The fishing has been less than mediocre the last few days.  Perhaps its the calm before the storm but the extended winter and subsequent increased snow base seems to be keeping the fish concentrated in the lower river.  From all accounts the fishing in Lake Manistee at the mouth of the big river is starting to pop.  The melt has been gradual and until this minor mild spell the river level has remained rather low.  Yesterday showed signs of things to come with a 4" level increase along with some colour but still reports of a slow day all around.  One thing for certain...Spring Fever is in the air and the traffic on the river truly speaks to the fact that everyone is chomping at the bit to get this season underway.  Right now we are on the edge looking over the cliff.  I managed to finalize the details with the Hyde and the Secretary of State.  Just have to get the motor mounted, numbers displayed on the bow, and load her up with the required gear and she will be good to go for next weekend.  Harv's new 4x4 should do the trick at the launch.  Then it's an entirely new ball game.


Harv said...

Here's hoping dude!!!

Looking forward to getting away, taking a few drifts and sharing a bunch of laughs.


lambton said...

Well some things are for certain Harv. The trip will be "good times"
The River will be stellar and with the Hyde we will have many more options.
It will be her maiden voyage so you better bring your A-game. LOL! We need to be talking about that first trip in her for many years to come.

Harv said...

I don't have an A game - but with copious amounts of beer I am sure I can do or say something that will have us talking about the Hyde's maiden voyage for a while!

Can't wait - I have a good feeling we are going to time it well.

lambton said...

Yeah the timing is gonna be friggin close dude. Remember...we timed it right once before and it was silly. Here is to hoping for a repeat. We are due!