Saturday, March 19, 2011

A must read

I can literally count the books I have read in my forty years on two hands.  I know this may come as some sort of shock to the lot of you but my literary prowess isn't derived from the influence of any other authors.  No literary genius has bestowed his stylings upon me nor have I stolen the prose from any.   Oh no...not at all.  My train wreck approach to writing comes from the darkness that lies within.   I watch my wife and kids devour books like they are friggin bacon and sometimes I am envious of their ability to get lost in the pages. However, for me it has always been more about experiencing life or figuring it out for myself opposed to living someone elses experiences or following someone elses ideals as to what is the correct way to do anything.  The books I have been able to read consisted of true accounts of items of interest to me.  But even then I still didn't get the mental stimulation from reading them to put any real effort into reading any more.  It does strike one as odd though as I do get a great deal of enjoyment out of the entire writing process. 
This weekend while we were at the library my wife handed me a book we had seen at a novelty store on the Strip in Vegas this past December.  For the record I was checking out the free DVD's at the time.  On a whim I decided to sign it out in the hopes that it just may peak my interest and get me one book closer to counting my literary accomplishements on my toes.  I must say it just may be one of the funniest things I have ever come across.  So much so that I cannot stress enough the fact that everyone of you must read this book.  It is called "Sh*t my Dad Says" and is an account of one mans youth and the many colourful words of wisdom his father bestowed upon him and his family during his upbringing.  Please...get this book.  You will laugh the hardest you have in years and  it will make you feel like less of the POS father you feel like now.  LOL!  Check it out peeps! (Especially you Norland! you DB)

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