Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Pine River Corridor

I awoke this morning to bright blue sunny skies.  The absolute polar opposite of Saturday's deep wintry theme.  Having satisfied my piscatorial fix Saturday at Horseshoe bend I sat down with my morning coffee and pondered what the day might bestow upon me. Knowing very well that winter's grip was subsiding I figured I better seize the opportunity and head out on the trails with the snowmobile.  I had been wanting to catch a trail along the Pine River Corridor after hearing about it a few weeks back.   Friday nights drive up was under torrential rains but by morning there was about 5-6" of fresh wet snow on the ground.  What this meant was the trails would essentially be abandoned.  The weekend crowd stayed home so I had the system virtually to myself.   I could not have asked for a nicer day and a better way to wrap up the snowmobile season.  The trail along the Pine was outstanding.
The Pine River is designated a "National Scenic River" by the US Forest Service. The Pine is also designated a "Natural River" by the State of Michigan and thus carries special restrictions.  The panoramic vistas are outstanding and I cannot wait to hike, bike,  canoe, and fish the area in the coming months.  Did I mention the Pine is considered to be one of the finest trout rivers in the East.  No stocking takes place on the pine so all fish carry uncompromised genetics.  All this and a grand total of 5-8 mins from the cabin doorstep.  I guess I better start shopping for a fly rod.


Harv said...

"I guess I better start shopping for a fly rod"

Trotsky said...

I am home from the Great Wolf Lodge.
My skin is burnt from Chlorine OD and I have decided that I am anorexic and need to gain at least 700 lbs.
Fuck you and the Pine river

lambton said...

Ahhh the Great Wolf Communal urinal.
Lots of chlorine to mask the plethora of urine and fecal matter. Paying big money to Bath with hundreds of screaming disappointments and there disillusioned that is capitalistic genius!!!
If your kids don't get sick after that it will be a sincere miracle. ;0)
Welcome back to the reality homo.

Trotsky said...

Your helmet is gay

lambton said...

You crave the purple helmet!