Sunday, March 20, 2011


Managed to slip down to the river for a morning session before packing up to head back to reality.  Wasn't expecting much as the past few days have been less than mediocre to say the least.  I did managed to hook into one decent shaker on his way towards 2 lbs.  For a small fish he certainly reminded me of what is to come.  This fish jumped a foot or better from the river 4 times in 20 seconds.  Although I long to hook into some fresh 4+ lbs fish these little shakers are filling the void until the main push.  There were some larger fish taken today but were all dark coloured up fish that had been in the river all winter.  Like I said before...we are on the edge.  One decent rain and it will be game on.  The river is looking good and with another 6 inches she will be spectacular.  Looks like we will be hitting the lower river this Friday for the Hyde's maiden voyage.  Can't wait...

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