Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Browns

The humidex hit 45 C in Sarnia today.  That's 113 F for my metric deficient friends.  At least 10 cities in Ontario posted record high temps.  Luckily for us we left the hustle and bustle of everyday life a few days early and escaped to the cabin for an extra long weekend on the West Side.

Today the beach was calling and the clean cool waters of Lake Michigan  kept the scorching temps at bay.  After spending the best part of the day on the beach with the girls I managed to slip down to the river to spend some time waste deep with my thoughts and a few finned friends.

The pinnacle of Summer presents it's own challenges when chasing trout but determination and fine tools always meet the mark.  Today the Imperial once again proved it's place on the river and together we managed to fool a few Summer Browns.


Harv said...

you are a freak!!!!!!

Steeliemax said...

still fishing eggs we got to get u using the fly rod lol look like a great time

lambton said...

LoL Harv, it really wasn't that bad. I actually wore the Simms wading jacket as well. Wet wading in the cool river offset the jacket and summer heat. Besides...who else would you expect to be chasing trout on the hottest day of the year. :0) eggs for me brutha. It's all about the " Night Crawler " LOL!
Canadian Crawler's to be exact...Apparently us Canadians are good for two things...Beer and our Crawlers. ;0)
Good luck up in the Soo old man! Wish I could join ya but that those stupid giant plastic making machienes won't give me my much needed 1/2 year off with pay. Till then it's a day here and there spread throughout the year.

Trotsky said...

You have brown on your dink....
Too hot for fishing..
Summer can lick my snatch