Saturday, July 23, 2011


After another day of heat and an impromptu trip into Traverse for some shopping and diner I earned the remainder of a fast dwindling summer evening on the river.  I would have never imagined my quarry for the evening would be Bluegills but once again the big river surprised me.  Large gills,  light line, fast water and the center pin can pass the time quite nicely.  I had plans of targeting big Gills on Pine Lake earlier in the Summer but this didn't pan out.

 I would have never guessed I would have found them below the coffer.  Some of the colours on these fish are quite impressive and from what I gather they taste phenomenal.  Some day I guess... but for now they are all back swimming chasing bugs and other aquatic critters.

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JB Ricks said...

Oh yes, fillet those babies up! Yum!