Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friends of the Night

A little while back I had the urge to purchase one of those Trail/Game cameras that seem to be the rage in the hunting world.  For me it was an idea fueled by a desire to captures some images of critters frequenting our bird feeders at the cabin in the winter months as well as any two legged "Red-necked Critters" that may be sniffing around.
Well along came an awesome deal through Cabela's and low and behold we had our own motion activated Infra-red camera.
When I was up at the cabin on the "Roe-Run" we decided to set it up on the salt licks and bait pile we have out back for the deer.
A week later my wife was up at the cabin and pulled the camera to download the picks.  We were quite astonished to learn there is a great deal of activity that goes on back there after dark.
I can see this thing is going to be a tonne of fun in the years to come.  Enjoy.


Trotsky said...

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JB Ricks said...

There they are! Nice!