Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fishing versus Catching

If it was easy it would be called catching.

I was excited about the prospects today would bring.  With temps forecast in the positives and overcast skies I could only image just how promising the day would be.  I made a conscious decision to fish the Hyde at the top of the river as the weather man was threatening freezing temps for Wed.  and I didn't want to waste an easy opportunity this late in the year.  The launch was effortless but it was evident that others decided to take advantage of the temps as well.  Traffic was busy compared to the past few weeks but I guess it goes with the territory as it is the holidays. 
 With grand expectations I set adrift.  Hole after hold produced nothing.  I was half way down my intended route and losing confidence when I got slammed by a decent fish in some fast water.  Instantly I could tell it was a brown and brushed off the excessive fight as a result of the swift river currents but soon it was evident it was a large resident.  After a decent battle I managed to swing him into the new net and then into the boat.
 It was my best resident brown to date...A pristine football of a male at least 2 lbs and pushing 18-19".  At times these resi browns can be a hindrance but I have never lost appreciation for just how beautiful they are.   After a quick pic he disappeared into the magical waters of the Manistee.  I continued on down river struggling to find that big chromer when I set up on a nice resident Rainbow about 17" in a deep water hole.  These fish too are works of art and always have me reaching for the camera.
 By now the forecasted cold front was starting to encroach and the skies were darkening as the wind started to pickup.  I carried on around the bend in haste to my last hope at chrome redemption only to come up short handed.  I decided I better double back as things were looking sketchy and I was starting to worry about the ramp freezing up.  As I pulled the boat out the snow began to fall and the temps were into the negatives.  A couple of gentlemen were launching when I pulled out and I had to chuckle to myself at what this crazy obsession can persuade people to do.  With only a couple of hours of daylight left and snow flurries in the forecast these dudes where on the prowl for chrome.  LOL!  I guess we have all been there in some form or another.  Tomorrow is another day.  I will find redemption wading below the coffer.  Hopefully the colder temps will keep the traffic to a minimum.


Trotsky said...

Nice Brown!!
Is that White and Red Jig an Ella Norland Special??
I was going to fish Jigs today but then remembered I like vagina.

JBR said...

Black n red, strikes again!!

I was down there yesterday... the traffic was INSANE. I've never seen it so busy in the winter. Chalk it up to the holiday week + temps in the mid 40's.

I still managed to pop 4 good adults. One of which was a piggy of a hen. Stay tuned for the footage :)

I'll be down on Thursday wading w/ a buddy. Feel free to join!

lambton said...

Most certainly is an Ella Norland limited edition red and white bleeding minnow river jig. I exclusively fish Ella Norland Jigs now. They catch fish!!

JB I was hoping my day would turn around in the afternoon similar to yours but that dang cold front puffed its chest and things went south. I'll look for ya on Thursday. I'll be down there somewhere. lol! Hopefully tomorrow brings a few hefty brutes.

Shoreman said...

Football definately describes that brown. I might have to try some of those Ella Norland flies out here in California.


shotgunner said...

Whats interesting is that opponents of opening up the Boardman River [just north] to potomodrous fish passage are adament it would be damaging to resident Brown trout. They cite spawning conflict. Hard to ignore how fat resi Browns swimming connected waters are vs inland - locked tribs.