Thursday, November 08, 2012

Mid-Week Escape

As of late, making plastic has become somewhat of a burden on my old soul.  The outage at work is into it's 4th week.  The end is in sight but not without another week or two of commitment.  Since it's inception the days have turned shorter and the nights have grown colder.  Fish have entered the rivers in full force and the conditions have been somewhat favourable.  Autumn skies are starting to resemble winter and the mornings are bringing heavy frost.  Winter is nipping at our heels and I fear an early lockup for the Huron Tribs is looming on the horizon.  Perhaps as penance for last years reprieve.  The lessons of days gone by have proved these November opportunities cannot be taken for granted.
With vacation time burning a hole in my pocket and an eager fishing partner yammering in my ear it was only certain we should find ourselves travelling North in the wee hours of this mid-week November morning.  The homework was done and the destination well known.  The rest was left up to our adversaries.  The rewards proved plentiful and the gift of solitude was once again enjoyed.



Gil said...

BM, that is an awesome b/w pic! You guys will have that river figured out in short work.;)

lambton said...

Thanks for the kind words Gil. We have so much exploring to do and so little time. LOL!
Good to hear from you...hope you have been out and enjoying the fall.