Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Beginnings

Gene and I got to be part of something pretty cool today...We both got to witness and take part in anothers downward spiral into the addictive obsession we refer to as Centerpin Steelheading.  Rob literally showed up to the bank this morning with a brand new Raven ensemble still doning the protective cork wrapping.  Having never fished or cast a centerpin reel before he was starting at ground zero.  I never had the privilege of someone giving me the centerpinning play by play and had to figure it out the hard way so I figured a 5 min verbal explanation of the physics behind the cast would cut the learning curve in half.

With some minor instruction and verbal encouragement he was set loose to his own devices.  In the mean time Norland found no issue in stirring up an early light adversary.  I turned from talking to Rob to see Gene working his way down stream in pursuit of a angry steelhead.  We managed to get the fish beached and the photo op taken care of only to see Rob mid stream tending to his first "Norland" ! 
Gene worked his way up to give him a hand and welcome him into his world of despair while I slipped into the run mid way.  Gene was quick to hand Rob his rig and tend to the entangled birds nest  so Rob could have a better crack at that first Float Rod Steelie.  After re-rigging his rod Gene gave him some more pointers on the finer aspects of floatfishing and instructed him to fish the lower section of the run where he had sniffed out his fish earlier.  We continued to work the run diligently to no avail until it happened. 
I looked down to the tail end of the run to see Rob fighting his first Centerpin Steelhead.  It was a cool moment for a couple of fish geeks like Norland and I.  After a fair and worthy battle the fish was tailed and the congratulations were doled out.  It was a great moment to watch someone take basic instruction, learn to cast,  and achieve validation.

 I failed to turn a fish today...Something I have yet to experience this season but it didn't phase me in the least.  I got to watch two fine gentlemen hook and land nice fish.  One his first on the pin and the other his vindication for the previous outing. I also got to spend another stellar fall morning on a fabled flow in solitude.  That's good living in my books.

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Trotsky said...

You getting skunked???...further proof that if you live long enough you'll see everything..
Classy move today brother and I or one appreciate it.
You get first fish next trip...if we get another...
Great day.
That pic of the wallmart guy can't be me blood...