Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dues paid in full

Today was that know...the day that you feel everything is against you.  The day that no matter how hard you fight it you are poised to face hardship and disappointment around every corner.  Thank goodness these days are few and far between but nonetheless today was my day.  My day to pay my dues. 
Red lost a nice fish down low on the big river.  We worked our tails off in the damp cold wind for only one lost opportunity.  We cut our losses early and doubled back up river to wade the reliable water only to see me lose two nice steelhead.  One to a thrown hook and the other to the zebra muscle effect. Thanks goodness for a couple of chunky browns or the day would have been all for not.  You cant fight days like today no matter how hard you try...we have all had them.  From constant snags to knotted lines the frustration intensifies as the events unfold.  It's almost like one unfortunate event feeds off of the previous.  I've learned the best approach is to accept them for what they are...dues paid in full... and move on.  Tomorrow we hit the Muskegon.  Tomorrow we search for vindication.


Trotsky said...

They call that a Norland...better you than me.
Good luck tomorrow.

lambton said...

Yep it must suck being you! ;0)

Gil said...

Consider this one as a "training day". Next outing will be the real game. ;)

Nice brown. They would be great on the flyrod!

Steeliemax said...

So what do u call 2 days back to back Norlands