Saturday, December 01, 2012


A couple of surpirse gifts arrived in the mail Thursday. I had been expecting a few copies of this months edition of Ontario Out of Doors magazine for my records.  They chose to run another photo of mine to compliment an article about the increased stocking efforts on the Saugeen by the MNR and the LHFC.  I have been really fortunate as of late to be working with these guys and am honestly flattered to have the opportunity.  The photo they chose to run contains a well wintered steelie along side of one of Robb Marquette's Frogwater Reels.  As many of you may recall I had demo'd the Frogwater reel last winter.  I liked the reel so much that I was planning on working with Robb on a Custom Frogwater of my very own in the near future.  Well three quarters of a year had passed when I got the itch and contacted Robb a month or two ago to discuss working with him on my reel.  He informed me he was taking some time away from the shop to spend with his family and hoped to be back at the reels some time over the winter. 
We discussed some options and the possibility of hooking up for a float and left it at that.   As fate would have it I received word that OOD ran the Frogwater pic in the Nov/Dec edition so I passed along the heads up to Robb in the event he wanted to grab a copy or two for his shop wall.  Robb was very pleased and  thanked me for the heads up and we again left it at that.  Then Thursday a package showed up on our doorstep from Mr Marquette.  Inside was a stealth black Frogwater of my own.  I had yet to see a black Frogwater and instantly fell in love with it.  Affixed on the inside lid of the box was one of Mikey's custom Herodrifter Frogwater floats and a hand written message that said. 

"Hi Brian, You'll be pleased to know every piece of this reel was in my trash!" 

Awesome!!  Robb pieced this reel together from spare and scrap parts that were laying around his shop.  It only seems fitting I call her "The Recycler"  Aside from a minor drill bit mishap, that one would be hard pressed to locate, the reel is mint and spins like a dream!  She is a runner and I can't wait to spool her up and put her through the paces.  I gotta give a shout out to Robb Marquette on this one...Man that was one classy manoeuvre my friend!  Thanks so much for the work of art and the story behind her creation.  I'll treat her well for a long long time.  And the beers are on me when we share that drift.

Robb Marquette and Riverkeeper Reels can be contacted via email at
or by phone at 1-519-272-9881


Trotsky said...

Do these people know that you are a POS??

lambton said...

I suspect he does! LOL it's stated in my bio of at the top of the page ;0)
Oh....gotta go gear up...hitting Tippy for a morning drift.
L8R Mstrb8r

JB said...

That is one sweet reel. See if you can hook me up? LOL