Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The Plastic Monster let it's guard down late Monday afternoon and I seized the opportunity to slip through the cracks for a day on a lonely river with Norland.  The reports from the weekend were the inspiration behind the escape along with a need to laugh and share a drift with the useless one.  Morning came early and I found myself loading the gear into the truck destined for a rendezvous in the Grove. 
Shivering along the way I found myself wondering how the river would fish and how well my prized Norland Jigs would fare.  The drive up was typical and conversation hovered around the uselessness of mankind and our dislikes of modern society.  I'm certain Norland and I will be remembered as those two crusty old bastards in the balcony at the Muppet shows.
We arrived too early as per usual and took our time gearing up.  The morning air was still and surprisingly mild considering the slightly negative temps.  The river was lonely and stunning in the winter backdrop.  It had the makings of being one of those days except it just wasn't.  We fished her hard from top to bottom with everything in the kit and then all over again.  I managed to convince a sickly looking long and lean fish early on with a brown and orange special. 
It was nice to get the confirmation that the jig bite was indeed on and we still know a thing or two about this game but when redemption came a little while later in the form of violent stern head shakes I was to be reminded that we need to invest in double strong jig hooks.  After pounding every inch of that water with diligence and full confidence finally it happened. But it was short lived and I was quickly  handed back a smashed and bent jig. 
I won't lie...it stung a little... it was one of those days that you don't want to blow a fish.  My suspicions proved right as we failed to convince any others for the next two hours.  But that is fishing and that is what keeps us all coming back.  That is what fuels and rekindles the passion. 
As I type this report the rivers in the Great Lakes Basin are in a sickly state.  There is a dire need for a large snow or rain event to get things shaking.  There is a mild spell in the works and promise of some rain.  This combined with the snow base thaw may be enough to make things interesting.  Only time will tell...

I hope to fish over at the Cottage this weekend if the Plastic Monster finally gets tamed and starts up.  That mess can go either way :0/  Fingers crossed...


Gil said...

Great candid and honest repcap Brian. The river does look like heaven with the early winter backdrop. That sickly lean fish, I brought one just like it to hand the other day as well. It had me thinking it was spent. In speaking to a few others, there is a thought swirling about just that, fall spawners.

Tony Nardi said...

Tough break fella's. Great entry as always Brian. Im sure the cold front caused river temps to take a nosedive this weekend. We found some fish to be very sluggish late Sunday. Hopefully you can make a trip to your retreat in MI. Cheers.

Trotsky said...

Fishing sucks and so do you..you POS..
I hope your cabin in Michigan burns down..
Work hugs nut..

Anonymous said...

Not fall spawners gil lack of biomass in huron unfortunately