Monday, February 25, 2013

Mexico 02/13

Winter escapes have become somewhat of a necessity for us. 
It's a nice break from the cold and life. 
One minute you are shovelling snow to load the luggage in the truck and the next you are lying on a beach sweating under the Caribbean sun. 
It would be nice to leave for the entire month of February but for now a week in paradise will have to suffice.
It's good to be back but I will miss the sounds of the Ocean, lounging on the beach, and the never ending Cerveza.


JB said...

What, no pic's of you sporting your infamous leopard print G-string on the beach?

Looks like a great time.

lambton said...

Me + Bananna hammock = horror show

That would just be wrong lol!

Trotsky said...
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