Saturday, March 09, 2013

Exhaused...but alive

The past couple of weeks have been challenging to say the least.  I got food poisoning in Mexico and upon my return to the real world contacted that nasty Flu virus of 2013.  For over two weeks I have had the uncanny ability to shit through the eye of a needle at 100 yards...and on demand..."Farts that Spray" if you will...  I have only recently  regained my ability to confidently break wind without fear of having to contact a HazMat team or the Ministry of Environment. 
As funny as it may sound being sick is a drag and I wish my past two weeks upon nobody.  I have finally broke free from the Crud but remain somewhat exhausted.
I spent the better part of this morning puttering around the garage at the cabin.  The van was at the shop getting some long over due work performed so I took advantage of the forced idle time and hooked up some plugs and altered my work bench. 
The garage chores had left me somewhat tired and I almost opted for a late afternoon nap instead of a trip to the river but the call of the wild was too much to resist.
The access lot was full but my favoured section of river was empty.  Everyone was either above or below me so I had the place to myself.  The wind was trying at times but I toughed it out.  I threw everything I had with no avail until finally I pulled  a small peach Chinook roe bag from my waist pack. 
The rest was history and over the course of the next hour two fine slabs made the bank.  It's been a tough winter of fishing for me this year so it felt nice to feel a bend in the rod againThe Roe bite is back and peace and balance have been restored to the world.  Its been a long winter and Spring is a much welcomed sight.  Tonight the clocks move forward and we regain an hour of daylight.  Bring on the Spring Pushes...


Gil said...

Damn that peach colour!!! Of the four colors I really only carry, its the last one I go to for some reason.

Glad to hear you are alive and that things have tightened up for you. :o

Nice fish.

Steeliemax said...

you fish while I am busy tying flies for our trip to Alaska. Life is just not fair lol. Nice slabs of beef there Brian

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Montezuma's Revenge is bad enough, but add the flu to it, man I have the most sympathy for you. Glad you're over it.

Trotsky said...

I hope you die.