Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Booked...Situk River Spring 2014

DONE! The deliberations are over, the return to Yakutat has been finalized.  The plans are made and carved in stone.  The accommodations have been secured and the cheques in the mail.  The flights are booked and the seats have been assigned.  It's once again a reality and the clock is now officially ticking.  This year I opted for the first week of May.  It's always going to be a crap shoot but from my research the last week of April and first week of May are typically $$ weeks.
This year brings an entirely new crew but I'm excited.  I have a great bunch of guys going with a passion to fish and an equal obsession to have fun.  Hopefully the Rain Gods behave and we experience modest to normal precipitation.  As most will remember the last trip saw upwards of  8-10" of rain fall over the course of 4 days.  The river rose upwards of 5-6 ft nearing flood stage and resulting in evacuation and road washouts.  We got our licks in early and still managed to boat fish everyday but it really left me wondering just how good it could have been.  Hope to put that doubt to bed in 2014.
This year's game plan is 3 days floating the river, 2-3 days wading above 9-mile and 1-2 days Hali charter and Glacier tour. All that's left is to work some OT, pay the bills, and count the days...


FISH TALES said...

nice... maybe I will see you this time-

lambton said...

For Sure Brad!!